NWIP Common Measure Set


Indicator Measurement Criteria
All Cause Readmissions HEDIS (PCR)
Breast Cancer Screening NQF 2372/CMS 125
Controlling High Blood Pressure NQF 0018/ CMS 165
Colorectal Cancer Screening NQF 0034/CMS 130
Childhood BMI Status NQF 0024/CMS 155, Numerator 1
Childhood Vaccination Status HEDIS Combo 2
Depression Screening NQF 0418/CMS 2
Diabetes: Eye Exam NQF 0055/CMS 131
Diabetes: HbA1c Control HEDIS (CDC)
Diabetes: Kidney Disease Monitoring NQF 0062/CMS 134
Emergency Department Utilization HEDIS (AMB)


If you have questions regarding the Common Measure Set please contact Greg Fraser MD MBI, CMIO, fraser@mvipa.org