FAQ page for NWIP

What is NWIP?

NWIP is a group of providers that have come together for the purpose of demonstrating clinic integration.  A clinically integrated network (CIN) brings various independent healthcare providers under a common legal structure that allows them to deliver services focused on quality, performance, efficiency and value to the patient.

It is the intention of these clinics to develop and sustain clinical initiatives that enhance access to care, clinical quality, cost control and the patient experience.

Why do this?

Healthcare, and the concept of 100% of providers being contracted with all health plans is a relic of the past.  NWIP is a group of providers who are independent and who are willing to work together to be the pre-eminent panel of primary care and specialist providers in the Mid-Valley region.

Potential Benefits are:


  • Opportunities for coordinated care and quality incentives – Providers today are under a lot of pressure to increase efficiencies and can be penalized for failing to adopt new technologies. At the same time, they’re also required to improve quality measures and demonstrate they can collaborate across care teams. While independent providers may still be recovering from the cost of investing in an EMR, joining a clinically integrated network enables them to adopt technologies that can easily share clinical and financial data with colleagues or an ACO, including population health management information that not only reduces resources and opens doors to physician incentives, but also improves patient outcomes.
  • Stronger negotiating power with payers – In a clinically integrated network, independent providers have more power to negotiate better contracts with payers. They can benefit from increased reimbursements and participate in pay for performance and other risk arrangements that, with the right management support, can be extremely beneficial. Providers in larger practices might have concerns about losing their freedom to pick and choose contracts. However, most well-managed clinically integrated networks engage providers in decision-making and leadership roles, giving them the opportunity to share their voice.
  • First step toward an accountable care organization – Operating as a clinically integrated network allows physicians to start to function as an informed single entity of separate businesses. By having a common data infrastructure, and agreed upon guidelines and incentives, physicians within an CIN are well positioned to approach payers for accountable care contracts.

What is WVP Health Authorities role?

WVP Health Authority will continue to negotiate risk-based contracts for the members of WVP Health Authority for health plans who wish to work through WVP for the full panel of providers.  For those, plans who do not wish to contract through WVP Health Authority, it is intended NWIP will negotiate those contracts.

WVP Health Authority will continue to provide the continuum of services it is currently engaged in and will continue to pursue appropriate opportunities.

How much will this cost?

Currently the dues are $100 per provider, per year.

What is the corporate structure

This organization is a mutual benefit, non-profit corporation.

Who can participate?

Providers that can demonstrate a desire and commitment to advance clinical integration including MDs, DOs, NPs, DPMs as well as Psychologists, LCSWs, PAs, Optometrists, Audiologists, and Physical Therapists when employed by a member.

How do I learn more?

Any one of the foundational clinic representatives can be contacted.  They are:

  • Hope Orthopedics – Jeff Knight, MD
  • Mission Medical Imaging – Tom Chambers
  • Physicians Building Group – Rachael Lamb and Steve Paulissen, MD
  • Salem Family Medicine – Brett Robinson, MD
  • Salem Pediatric Clinic – Liz Casebeer and Vince Koletar, MD
  • Salem Pulmonary – Mark Harrison
  • Willamette ENT – Jeff Baird
  • WVP Medical Group – Dean Andretta

If you would like to learn how to become a part of this organization, please contact:

Dean Andretta 503-587-5107 deana@mvipa.org

Kristie Aultman 503-587-5140 kaultman@mvipa.org

Lisa Scott 503-587-5135 lscott@mvipa.org