Northwest Integrated Providers, Inc. (“NWIP”) is a mutual benefit, non-profit corporation established by health care professionals located in Marion and Polk Counties, in Oregon. The corporation was established to provide an organization and management structure for NWIP’s member professionals (“members”) to support the efforts of it’s members in the creation and operation of a clinically integrated network of interdependent health care providers who share a strong focus on controlling the costs of care, improving the quality thereof and implementing processes that capture clinical results across a continuum of care.

The creation of provider-driven committees which focus on quality of care, cost of care and compliance with NWIP’s provider-driven policies and care protocols will be essential to the success of NWIP.

NWIP hopes to attract a variety of health services contracts with private and public payer programs and support health plans by placing an emphasis on patient involvement in their health care, and reward providers for quality and cost-driven outcomes.